An introduction

A few weeks ago, I learned that the neighborhood of Sunset Park doesn’t border Prospect Park. This was deeply disappointing to me; you see, I’ve spent almost two years of my life in Brooklyn, and I fancy myself a geography nut. (Sunset Park, by the way, was home to the best banh mi sandwich I’ve ever eaten.) I also live in Park Slope, ten minutes from Prospect Park, which I use several times a week; you’d think I’d know what surrounds it!

It was around that time that swapped my career in finance for a new one in psychological research. My new role has a flexible schedule, so I figured: why not spend some time getting to know my borough? Hence the idea for The Weekly Nabe.

The idea is simple: each week, I’ll spend a few hours in a random Brooklyn neighborhood. Then I’ll come back here and share my experience.

The neighborhoods

I used the official list of Brooklyn neighborhoods from the New York City Department of City Planning. I didn’t check this list against the “official” artsy map one sees frequently around here, and I realize that some people might claim that a place like South Slope deserves its own visit. Tough.

Once I had the list, it was time to get creative myself. Since there are 80 neighborhoods in all, the math was easy: I cut five note-cards into sixteenths, and wrote one neighborhood on each piece.

All 80 Brooklyn neighborhoods. The colors mean nothing, but they look nice, don’t they?

The process

When I’m ready for a new neighborhood, someone else will pick a new card out of a hat. I’ll announce the “winning” neighborhood here, and supply some information about it, preferably from a local blog. I’ll also solicit suggestions for places in that neighborhood to check out.

After some research, I’ll make my trip, using various forms of transportation to get there. (Running could be fun, but as I plan to spend a few hours exploring, being sweaty and smelly is far from ideal.)

The lucky hat. $20 at Uniqlo!

So there you have it. I’m looking forward to my upcoming adventures!

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  1. hjdole says:

    80! I would never have guessed.

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