Bonus post: 124-174 Bay Ridge Av

On Saturday morning, I headed to Bay Ridge. My friend Peter was doing his final 27-mile run in preparation for the Boston Marathon, so I volunteered to keep him company for the final 15 miles.

Walking from the R down Bay Ridge Avenue, I came across this row of houses with some neat brickwork.

The style extends for 24 buildings, taking up nearly the entire long-block. There’s one exception (156); it has the same frame, but a different exterior. These are all two-family homes with 3100 square feet of space. They were built in 1930, right at the start of the Great Depression.

I was unable to find any details online on the architect and why he chose this design, but I thought it was cool.

Oh, and you get a decent view of the Financial District from Owl’s Head Park. (Two weeks from now it might be a different story.)

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