Week four: Paerdegat

I had a feeling something like this might happen – I just didn’t think it would be so soon.

“Uh … I don’t know how to pronounce this.”

Courtesy of my next-door neighbor, Andy, I’ll be heading back to southeast Brooklyn this week to check out the other side of Paerdegat Basin.

Paerdegat* (pah-de-gate, “horse gate” in Dutch) is a small neighborhood on the western end of Canarsie. It comprises just fifteen streets: Paerdegat 1st Street through Paerdegat 15th Street. (Perhaps the streets look like stable-gates from the water?) Paerdegat Avenue North, apparently a deadly speedway, runs the length of the basin.

Map of Paerdegat. The name does sound like a video game, doesn’t it?

Paerdegat is home to Sebago Canoe Club, which has yet to open for the season.

We’ll see if there are any restaurants in the area. At the very least, I do know there are a few books in the Brooklyn Collection on Canarsie, one of which might have a section on Paerdegat.

For those of you not down with 8-bit maps, here’s a different rendering of Paerdegat. Past nabes are in green. (The colored Brooklyn map is available here.)

*I realize my card says “Paerdegat Basin“; my research so far leads me to believe the area goes by the shorter name.

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