Week five: Weeksville

As thanks – in my own special, special way – for showing me around the Sebago Canoe Club, I asked Walter to pick my next nabe.

I’m really pumped for this one. Weeksville is sometimes called “the Harlem of the 19th century”. It was built by free blacks for free blacks just a decade after New York State outlawed slavery. The four Hunterfly Road Houses, their importance discovered (and their existence saved) in 1968, remain as the most visible testament to the era. They are now home to the Weeksville Heritage Center.

So, then, where are Weeksville’s boundaries? I’ve found various opinions, ranging from two blocks to 19 by 5, give or take. (OK, I usually don’t cite Wikipedia, but I said I was looking for opinions here, not facts!) I’ll err on the side of larger for now, until I can see what The Neighborhoods of Brooklyn has to say. [Edited: these are the boundaries of Weeksville at its height.]

The full Google Map is available here.

My plan this week is different from usual: I’ll roll my initial research and visit into one, since the Weeksville Heritage Center is a museum. I can deal with any remaining questions at BPL – or back in Weeksville – later in the week.

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  1. Weeksville is a very special place. I’m eagerly anticipating another fine post. :)

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