Week nine: Sunset Park

Sometimes my selections give me a good laugh. One was when I got Georgetown and Paerdegat back to back in weeks three and four. I had another last night when my friend Jess pulled my ninth nabe at a Cinco de Mayo party (and not because of her glasses and sombrero).

Sunset Park has one of the largest Mexican communities in Brooklyn. There are many such restaurants along 5th Avenue. It also has a Chinatown on 8th Avenue, and you might remember from my very first post that the best banh mi I’ve ever eaten came from Ba Xuyên at 43 St and 8 Av. I won’t be eating pizza this week.

I recently delineated all of my nabes on my Google Map. Of all of the neighborhoods, Sunset Park gave me the greatest difficulty. Realtors have taken to calling its northern end “Greenwood Heights”, because apparently South Slope and Sunset Park sound too dangerous or something. Let’s set the record straight here: Greenwood Heights is a contrivance, not a nabe.

Sunset Park might go all the way up to Prospect Expressway, but I chose 20th Street as it gives a clean line from the northern edge of Green-Wood Cemetery. (The nabe to the northwest is Industry City.) I plan to visit all of these places, so as long as my boundaries are reasonably close, I don’t think it’s an issue.

I’ll take your dining recommendations now.

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  1. Max Hames says:

    Maria’a has excellent food. Check it out. Guacamole made by hand with a mortar & pestle. Delicious.

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