Week twelve: Spring Creek

I was in the Bay Area for a week for the wedding of two of my good friends from college. I asked the groom, David, to pick my twelfth neighborhood. (I really like the word “twelfth”.)

He has no idea where this is. Of course, a few weeks ago, neither did I.

Spring Creek is the southeasternmost neighborhood in Brooklyn. It shares its name with the body of water that forms the border between Brooklyn and Queens immediately north of Jamaica Bay. Carved out to the west of Hendrix Creek (named after Jimi, perhaps? A boy can hope) is the neighborhood of Starrett City.

The satellite view of Spring Creek looks unpromising: several big-box stores, what appears to be a housing-development, and a large area of open green space that was once the site of the Fountain Avenue Landfill, a preferred body-dumping spot for both the Mafia and Murder Inc.

How will I get there? When I asked Google Maps for directions on Friday, here were the top results:

Sometimes I wonder why I do this.

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6 Responses to Week twelve: Spring Creek

  1. Max says:

    David looks like he has a hubcap earring.

  2. Helen says:

    Darn. My comment was already made. Jinx.

  3. Doug says:

    If you can, you should ride a bike out there, it will take no more than 40 minutes. Once you’re done you can check out the bike path that parallels the Belt Pkwy all the way to Sheepshead Bay

    • Keith says:

      I had thought about it, but I need a bike first! My ride around Sunset Park left me wanting more … we’ll see if I make a big purchase in the coming weeks.

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