Thoughts on breaking old habits

Excited to know the identity my fourteenth nabe? Fear not, you’ll get it soon.

My college reunion threw off my schedule for Spring Creek, but that was a blessing in disguise. Sometimes it isn’t until you’re forced out of a groove that you realize there’s a better way.

With that, I give you my new schedule. I’m just pushing everything back two days.

Tuesday: announcement
Friday: history
Monday next: visit recap
Wednesday next: photos

(Please note that I might need an extra day or two with some history posts, depending on how much information is available and how much time I have during the week.)

The main reason for this change: I typically do my research in the Brooklyn Collection on Tuesday afternoons. When I spend a long time synthesizing information, as I did this week for Brownsville, five days might pass between a Sunday announcement and my post on the nabe’s history. I’ll now be “starting the clock” on my research the same day I set the wheels in motion here.

There are a few other reasons that came with experience writing this, my first blog. For one, I’ll now be uploading my regular posts exclusively on weekdays, which is good news for my fans who read me as a break from their daily grind.

I’ve also learned that putting together my visit-recaps is time-consuming work. To make my photos of optimal use to an inquisitive public, I need to be thorough with the “description”, which is usually invisible to my readers but gets picked up by search engines. Now I’ll have the entire weekend to do these right.

Finally, this will let me visit nabes on weekends without throwing off my schedule here. Some of you might recall that the Navy Yard offers tours only on Saturdays and Sundays, so I had to offer apologies when I fell off track, even though it wasn’t my fault. (I’ll likely continue to make my trips on weekdays.)

This is a trivial change, but a surprising amount of thought went into it. I’ve already started to apply this approach to my lunch-choices on my trips: more often, taking the “easy way out” with pizza has given way to seeking ethnic cuisine.

I’m glad to have you tagging along!

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