Week eighteen: East New York

My friend Anne, a lifelong New Yorker and a big fan of this project, selected my next neighborhood. I might as well have rented a place on the Queens border for the month.

East New York is, as you might expect, on the eastern edge of the borough. It has a reputation similar to that of Brownsville – and not just because of humans.

It’s also huge. The largest definition I’ve seen has it incorporate all of the following neighborhoods: Highland Park, Cypress Hills, City Line, New Lots, Starrett City, and Spring Creek.

For my purposes, the neighborhood will be somewhat smaller. The size is still somewhere between 500 and 600 blocks, though, so I’ll have to pick and choose my spots in advance.

The “hole” in the middle is New Lots.

The temperature will be in the 90s this week. Any bets on the number of open fire hydrants I see?

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