Week twenty: Broadway Junction

After so many trips through this place, I now get to delve into the history behind the seemingly nonsensical cluster of tracks in northeast Brooklyn. My friend Mike made the selection.

Clearly, someone was jealous that she didn’t get to reach into the hat.

Broadway Junction is a tiny piece of land surrounded by several other neighborhoods and a few Queens cemeteries. It was originally known as Manhattan Junction, as that’s where Austin Corbin‘s New York & Manhattan Beach Railway branched off from the rest of the Long Island Railroad.

I’m guessing the neighborhood is similar to what I’ve already seen in surrounding areas; I haven’t forgotten than I promised to use this as an excuse to visit western Cypress Hills. For the most part, though, my focus will be on the tracks.

Map of the tracks at Broadway Junction. (from nycsubway.org)

Is another Play-Doh monstrosity in the cards? We’ll see.

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