Week twenty-one: City Line

I’m back! And it’s like I never really left. I visited my parents this weekend for my mom’s birthday, so she got to make the selection.

Ah, Vermont – land of flowers and, evidently, shoes hanging on wires.

I went to City Line briefly on my trip to East New York, when I crossed the Conduit Boulevards to reach the Grant Av stop on the A train. This week I’ll get to look again at the absurdity of the Brooklyn-Queens border. In City Line, the border crosses blocks at diagonals.

Google Maps suddenly stopped supporting .KML files, so all you get is this lousy Google Earth image.

I suppose one positive of getting yet another neighborhood in northeast Brooklyn is there aren’t many left: New Lots and Starrett City for sure, probably Ocean Hill, and maybe Remsen Village. On the downside, it’s now more unlikely I’ll visit this region in the dead of winter, which is disappointing. Yes, I know I can always go on my own.

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