Week twenty-three: Plumb Beach

Now that I’ve exhausted most of the neighborhoods in northeast Brooklyn, perhaps the southern shore is looking to take a monopoly. Arlene picked this week’s neighborhood out of the hat.

Arlene was hoping to pick some place she’d never heard of. Instead, she picked her next-door neighbor.

Plumb Beach (sometimes spelled “Plum”) was an island until 1940, when it was connected to Sheepshead Bay under the Shore Parkway project. It is now part of the federally-owned Gateway National Recreation Area.

Here’s another picture from that run I took in February along the coast. This one appears to be at low tide. There is a parking area from where drivers and their passengers can access the beach, so I expect more sunbathers out for this final week of summer. Maybe I’ll also take a trip over to Dead Horse Bay.

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3 Responses to Week twenty-three: Plumb Beach

  1. hjdole says:

    I can’t believe they actually call it Dead Horse Bay still.

  2. H nemzer says:

    That was the last section of the Belt Parkway built. Folks from Gerritsen Beach complained that they would be cut off from the ocean by a “Chinese Wall”. Now you go a little further east under a bridge to access the ocean.

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