Week twenty-six: Bushwick

My friend Ali wanted to visit the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library to find a rare philosophical book, so we met up. Sometimes I forget the library has stuff beyond the realm of the Brooklyn Collection.

“Aww, I know where that is!” (She was disappointed.)

Boswijck was so named by Peter Stuyvesant himself on a March 14, 1661 visit. The previous year, Stuyvesant had proclaimed that residents should concentrate themselves in towns as protection from Lenape attacks. Although commonly cited translations of the name include “heavy woods” and “town of the woods”, it could also derive from bos (a collection of small things packed close together), and wijk (retreat, refuge, guard, defend from danger).

The last of the original Six Towns of Kings County, Bushwick’s boundaries once incorporated Williamsburgh and Green Point. Williamsburgh became its own city in 1851; both it and Bushwick, together known as the “Eastern District”, were annexed by Brooklyn just three years later.

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