Week twenty-eight: Prospect-Lefferts Gardens

I thought my friend Brooke wanted to wait to pick a card until she joined me in Bay Ridge (whenever that is), so I was a bit surprised she took me up on my offer to pick number 28.

Yes, I have a subway-map shower curtain.

Located east of Prospect Park, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens is named not (to my disappointment) for Leffert Lefferts, but for James Lefferts, who lived a century later. His house now resides in the park, where it is a historic attraction. Prospect-Lefferts Gardens is also close to the Zoo, the under-renovation lakeside, and Drummer’s Circle. The Times just last week had an architecture-focused primer on the neighborhood.

When I saw the card, unfortunately the first things that came to mind were two incidents I heard about over the summer, as well as the 1918 Malbone Street subway disaster. (On the bright side, the Prospect Park B/Q stop is one of my favorites.) I hope to have a more pleasant impression after I visit.

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