Happy Holidays from Quarters A

Yesterday’s warm temperatures made the wild weather of the previous two weeks feel like the distant past. (Unless you were volunteering for – or receiving – the ongoing clean-up efforts, in which case it probably felt like salt in a wound.)

It reminded me that I’ve yet to post anything on Vinegar Hill, which I visited Thursday morning after the snow came. For now, I’ll share a photo I took of Quarters A at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which used to house the ranking officer on site.

Known also as the Commandant’s House, Quarters A is now a private residence. It is allegedly one of only three past or present federal buildings with an oval room. (The third is a lighthouse in Maine.) It was declared a National Historic Landmark on May 30, 1974 and holds various other protections. Matthew C. Perry lived there for a few years in the 1840s, a decade before his Black Ships opened Japan to western trade.

I think this shot would make a good Christmas card, no?

For comparison, here’s a photo I took on April 29, on my tour of the Navy Yard. I’d be happy to live there any time of year.

You can find more photos and research here.

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