Vinegar Hill in snow and slush

Given last year’s dearth of snow (hello, climate change?), I thought it wise to spend some time in my neighborhood while last week’s white stuff was still on the ground. Much of it had melted, but as I shared earlier this week, it lent a pastoral feeling to spots where it hadn’t been shoveled away.

Here are views of two different waterways. The second one isn’t usually a waterway – just a reminder that boots are a good idea in this type of weather.

Kirkman Lofts is a recently renovated building at 37 Bridge Street. Dating from 1915, it once served as a soap factory. Every time I go by, I think it’s the coolest because it has an old train track running right to its front door. Just to the left of the camera, a guy was shoveling away the snow. I would have gotten a much cooler picture had I shown up ten minutes prior.

A study in how things get used: in this case, garages. When snow remains, it gives away secrets; coming and going without notice is no longer possible. The red building is part of the Vinegar Hill Historic District, which I’ll cover in my next post.

Vinegar Hill is a mix of old frame buildings and converted warehouses. One site that feels out of place is the Dorje Ling Buddhist Center. It does have one advantage: its bright colors make for an especially stark contrast with a drab morning.

I found another splash of color further down Gold Street, where a ginkgo tree had given up much of its still-green foliage.

And as if I hadn’t been feeling priced out of the area enough, I came across this beauty of an automobile, sitting next to some old rail tracks. (Upon further investigation, I discovered it’s not nearly as expensive as I had thought.)

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  1. azev315 says:

    Fascinating. When I visited Ol’ Vinny Hill, I was dealing with the snow too!

  2. chickenunderwear says:

    I am gonna go get me a Rolls-Royce.

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