A little bit of Brooklyn in São Paulo

I spent twelve hours in São Paulo yesterday on my way back from a wedding in Florianópolis. Naturally, I took some interest in the names and features of various neighborhoods – although with 11 million people in the city alone, visiting each would take quite a long time (and would be more dangerous than here).

There was one that was particularly close to my heart. I suppose we can forgive the change in spelling for the sake of Portuguese pronunciation.

The neighborhood is part of the new financial district, one of the posh areas in the city. Many of its roads are named for U.S. states (Rua Nova York, Rua Luisiania) and cities (Rua Miami, Rua Tacoma).

Taking a cue from other Latin American initiatives, São Paulo recently implemented “ciclofaixas” – bike lanes – on Sundays from 7-4. They were getting a lot of use yesterday. There’s even one on Avenida Paulista, which houses some of the most expensive real estate in Latin America. You can check out a video I took of the bike lane in action here.

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