My lunchtime talk at OpenPlans

In January, I was invited to OpenPlans to give a brown-bag presentation about the blog. Little did I realize someone in the crowd was taking notes, which I only discovered when I stumbled across his summary the other day.

I kept this talk under wraps at the time because I was unsure about the future of The Weekly Nabe; now that I’m back in full swing, I feel it’s appropriate to spread the love.

OpenPlans is a non-profit focusing on transportation and urban planning. Its crown jewels are Streetsblog, a great news source for all things policy, and Streetfilms, which produces short documentaries from around the globe. Our interests are a good match.

Streetsblog’s writers do more investigative journalism on livable-streets issues each week – from debunking false claims about bike lanes to highlighting the failures of the NYPD to prosecute reckless and deadly drivers - than the mainstream media does in a year. (Just pick up the Daily News or the Post and see where they place the blame for the horrific Williamsburg accident or the death of 6-year-old Amar Diarrassouba. Actually, don’t give them your money.)

As a pedestrian, runner, and cyclist, and as someone concerned with climate change, I’m a big fan of their work. It was an honor to share my insights with them and their colleagues.

And now, I share my PowerPoint with you. It’s bare-bones, but if you look closely, you might be able to glean some behind-the-scenes information.

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