Running Brooklyn: the waterfront (with a surprise)

Running is a great way to sightsee, but today I got more than I bargained for.

It happened on one of my favorite routes: through Fort Greene, along the Navy Yard on Flushing Avenue, under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

I love this route because you hit some of the coolest spots in Brooklyn: the Prison Ships Martyrs Monument, the burgeoning (and in some spots, derelict) Brooklyn Navy Yard, the cobblestone streets of Vinegar Hill, the waterfront with great views of Manhattan. I also ran by the Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Love Building.

Here are two shots from the Navy Yard. One is of the doomed Admiral’s Row; the other, Quarters A, its front gate open.


And here are two shots from the monument and the Tobacco Inspection Warehouse. It was a lovely day.

FTG_2500FFY Tobacco Inspection Warehouse Brooklyn Bridge

Normally my run continues through Brooklyn Bridge Park and along the Columbia Street Waterfront, and back to Park Slope via Union Street.

On this beautiful (if cold) first day of spring, however, I got caught up in a crush of tractor trailers on Water Street. I figured they were heading to the holding site for construction on the Brooklyn Bridge, until I rounded the corner where Old Fulton Street ends to find a hospitality tent and dozens of children waiting with their parents/nannies.

Ah, the circus was in town! And this was to be Brooklyn’s equivalent of the late-night elephant walk in Manhattan.


The crowds grew as the minutes went by. Clowns and unicyclists unloaded from a tour bus. Dancers warmed up on the street to Gangnam Style (remember that?). The emcee, clad in sparkly orange, flexed his pipes for an interview crew: “Brooklyn, New York!”

It was probably a great experience for hundreds of children, who were waving elephant-branded flags. But not everyone was excited to see the circus come to town.


The rat was in front of some circus vehicles outside the Barclays Center – a great way to close the loop on an unusual run.

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4 Responses to Running Brooklyn: the waterfront (with a surprise)

  1. chickenunderwear says:

    The construction workers union was one of the biggest supporters of the Atlantic Yards Project. Now the only unionized job is standing with a rat.

    • Keith says:

      Exactly why unions’ positions on Keystone XL shouldn’t be used as a defense for its approval. After a year, the jobs will be gone – but the damage will be done.

  2. chickenunderwear says:

    I looked for you in these pictures. I have seen you in your shorts. Very circus like.

  3. hjdole says:

    The picture of the intersection of the Brooklyn Bridge and brick building is AH-mazing.

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