What makes for good Brooklyn television?

Entering the boardwalk in 2012. Clearly, not loving it.

Entering the boardwalk in 2012. Clearly, not loving it.

If you had three minutes to share the best of Brooklyn with a national television audience, what would you show?

I’m pleased to share that this is not a trivial exercise. In conjunction with an upcoming major running event, a major running organization wants to broadcast me giving a not-so-major running tour.

Now I’m overthinking things. For example: Is the story behind the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument good for ratings? Will I bore “real” New Yorkers with a stop at Grand Army Plaza? Do I look good if you slap a little rouge on me? (I think so, probably not, and hell yeah.)

So I turn to you, devoted readers.

I’d appreciate your suggestions for each of the following in the comments or in an email:

1. An iconic Brooklyn spot for our national viewers
2. A location Manhattanites have heard of but rarely visit
3. Something totally obscure that only longtime Brooklynites know about

And a bonus for the runners:

4. What’s your favorite “secret” running route? Not the Prospect Park loop, not Brooklyn Bridge Park. (Mine is the perimeter of Green-Wood Cemetery.)

I look forward to seeing what cool things you come up with!

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2 Responses to What makes for good Brooklyn television?

  1. It’s such a pity that tours of the Atlantic Ave Tunnel are no longer being done. It was right up there for me as a secret local gem.

  2. Kathy N. says:

    Well, gee, I wish I could help, but I’d be on your “national viewers” category. How exciting! Congrats! How can us outsiders out West view you in action?

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