A fire-escape sunset at Industry City Distillery

IDC visit - 20

As you might recall, my friend Max is one of the partners of Industry City Distillery. They’re building a vodka-production factory from scratch, and have had quite a bit of success thus far.

So when Industry City came out of the hat, he and I were both very excited. I had insider access to my next neighborhood, and Max had a friend coming to visit his in-the-middle-of-nowhere workspace.

One perk of his location is he gets a primo view of the sunset, which he usually takes in with a beer on the fire escape. I like all of these things. The timing was set.

I rode my bike down from Sunset Park, where I had enjoyed a meal from the Tacos El Bronco food truck.

The distillery is on the sixth floor of Building 5 of what was once known as the Bush Terminal Lofts. You can take the stairs, or you can ride the elevator, operated manually. Max was nice enough to offer me a ride.

(Max’s Twitter handle is actually @MaxHames. Whoops.)

I had lingered over my dinner for a bit too long, so we were pressed for time to catch the evening’s dying rays. Max offered me a Brooklyn Lager and we sat with our legs dangling over Second Avenue.



The day had been mostly cloudy, but the horizon obliged our wishes at the time when it most mattered.

IDC visit - 07

Our height and location afforded us some spectacular views of downtown Manhattan … and of the lot of imported cars sitting between us and the water.

IDC visit - 08IDC visit - 09

Here’s my view of the sunset of May 7, 2013.

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After we finished our beers – a task we drew out to enjoy the cool breeze coming off of the water – we headed inside for a quick tour of the facility. The layout had changed significantly since I attended the launch party for ICD’s No. 3 vodka in December. (Perhaps I’ll put up photos from that event at some point, beyond the one of Max pulling Prospect Heights.)

I met several of Max’s coworkers: Teaberry, Katie, Zach, and Ryan. Ryan has amassed a mound of information about Bush Terminal’s past, so we’ll be working together on a few history posts. He showed me a few photographs he had located of ICD’s building, but he was disappointed that most photos show the Lofts in the background, behind the docks and former rail yards.

Our final stop was to see the stills. The yeast balls did a creepy dance as they worked their magic on the liquid inside.

IDC visit - 16IDC visit - 17IDC visit - 18

Before I left, Max, Teaberry, and I had a tasting – just a sip, of course, as I had to bike home. The new No. 4, which is in limited production, has a strong citrus flavor. It’s a taste I’ll likely crave as we get into summer.

Here are some more pictures of the interior of the building, and from the fire escape.

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  1. Harley N says:

    Finally got to see the inside of on of the Bush Terimal Buildings; sixth floor no less! Thanks for the photographs.

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