Week thirty-three: Brooklyn Heights

The lovely Karla Bruning, the host of On the Run and my partner for my televised running tour, made the thirty-third selection. And boy, am I looking forward to it.

Photo: Cory Williams

Photo: my brother, Cory Williams

Brooklyn Heights became known as “America’s first suburb” thanks to the opening of Robert Fulton’s steamship service. (See the research from my very first week.) Well-to-do families enjoyed a reliable commute to Manhattan while maintaining property in the fairer, roomier city across the East River. It’s still home to some of the most beautiful – and most expensive – property in the borough.

There’s also the new Brooklyn Bridge Park, one of my favorite places to run.

BKH map

Cranberry! Orange! Pineapple! I’m getting hungry.

The problem with such a well-known place is that its bones have been picked almost totally clean by other scavengers researchers. I’m excited to dig into the archives in an attempt to find something really obscure.

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