Running Brooklyn: the switch to morning

Yesterday marked the start of my 22-week training period for November’s ING New York City Marathon. I kicked things off with a hot, humid nighttime jaunt in Prospect Park.

One perk of having a flexible schedule is I can go for my daily run whenever I want. I can use it as a mid-afternoon break, or time it to see a killer sunset. Summer weather often neutralizes that advantage; like my fellow runners who have desk jobs, I must go in the early morning or late evening – or suffer.

But the dawn hour offers the opportunity to see the borough in a different light. While much of the city lies in bed or sleepily takes in the view of a subway tube, those of us exercising, filled with adrenaline, are fully aware of our surroundings. And they tend to be beautiful.

That’s another great reason to ride a bicycle. As excited as I am about Citi Bike, I had yet to check out any of the stations in northwest Brooklyn, so I treated myself to a variation on a favorite route through Fort Greene, DUMBO, and Brooklyn Heights.

It was fun to see the packs of dogs off leash in Fort Greene Park; the crush of cyclists looping onto the Manhattan Bridge; the crowds of men and women attired in the usual costumes on their way to work.

The air was a cool 70 degrees, with a light breeze off the water. After a run like this on a morning like this, it’s hard not to feel like I’m part of a special club, the members of which are in on a little secret.

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  1. Rob Moses says:

    Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing :D

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