Week thirty-four: Mill Island

Mill Island card

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been south of Prospect Park. No Ditmas Park lunches, no Sunset Park dinners, no Dead Horse Bay sunsets as of late.

Much to my detriment, I think. But thanks to my friends at Gorilla Coffee, that will soon change.

OK, so maybe you’ve heard of Mill Basin, but not Mill Island. This gets a little confusing, because the site I used to select neighborhoods has both, but Mill Island is generally considered part of Mill Basin.

For my purposes:

- Mill Island is the peninsular area.
- Mill Basin is what’s known as “Old” Mill Basin, more on the “mainland”.

Mill Island map

Even Google Maps calls it “Mill Basin”. (Old Mill Basin is to the northwest.)

Mill Basin is known for its unusual hodgepodge of housing styles.

Fun fact: At this rate I’m going, I’ll finish in April 2017. (Perhaps I should change my blog to The Monthly Nabe.)

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