Parking illegally, and letting everyone know it

Of all of the stupid things drivers do in this city, this is the one that boggles my mind the most.

Parking away from the curb - 2

Here we have a truck parked in a “no standing” area. Instead of pulling up flush to the curb, he sits two feet away. While cars have just enough space to get by without crossing the center line, it forces cyclists to enter the traffic stream.

I typically see this behavior in front of fire hydrants.

Parking away from the curb - 1

When I was in college, we would occasionally leave our cars in a “no parking” zone at the center of campus for a quick task, like running into our dorm to grab something.

We would always put on our hazard lights. I guess it was our way of saying, “Yeah, I know I’m being bad. I’ll be out of here soon. Please please please don’t give me a ticket!”

Same thing here, I suppose. But at least we weren’t creating a danger for cyclists. Just pull next to the damn curb.

Parking away from the curb - 3

You, sir, of all people, should know better.

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