Video: fight over a parking spot in the West Village

I wasn’t planning to post anything today, but sometimes life hands you a gift. Just now I was trying to record a video (more on that later) when my takes were interrupted by commotion from the street below.

I went downstairs to investigate and found three grown men fighting over a parking spot. I thought it might come to fisticuffs like another fight in June, particularly after the older man with a lilting brogue stepped on the foot of the man with the “nice jacket” (a construction vest).

My understanding is that the guy in the black wife-beater was standing on the corner, holding the spot for the older gentleman. The guy in the vest then tried to take the spot, and the wife-beater guy wouldn’t let him pull in.

There are some gems in here – and tons of f-bombs. Who says the West Village is fully gentrified?

“You scabby f***. Go back to your old country!”
“You wanna go for a walk? We’ll go for a f***ing walk. Take me for a walk down Washington Street.”
“I’m trying to park my f***ing car!” “Not here! That’s how it goes down here, bro.”
“Just because I’m an old f***ing man? I don’t give a f***!”

It wasn’t until I watched the video that I noticed a traffic cop actually did show up (you can see her at bottom right near the beginning), but did little to quell the argument. And why should she have? I’m sure she was as entertained as we were.

Perhaps most amusingly is both parties’ insistence that they can stand there all day doing nothing when it would likely be just as easy to find another spot somewhere nearby.

Anyway, here’s the video. Imagine if this energy were used for something constructive. (Pun intended.)

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  2. H. Nemzer says:

    That was so funny I had to watch it twice. Talk about capturing my home town!

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