Greenwood Heights: a new name rooted in history

Today I’ve got an article in Curbed NY on a topic near and dear to my heart: the shifting neighborhood boundaries in the city. For my first entry into what I hope will be a regular feature called Blurred Lines, I tackle the history of Greenwood Heights.

I had long dismissed this as a real-estate contrivance, like every other neighborhood name out there, but was surprised to discover the name existed as early as the 1840s, just after Green-Wood Cemetery’s opening.

Greenwood Heights Reformed Church

The Greenwood Heights Reformed Church at 45th and 7th, across the cemetery from what today passes for the neighborhood of the same name. (Courtesy of the Brooklyn Collection)

That photo was easy to find – just type “Greenwood Heights” in a search box! – but the rest was a challenge. It was fun to delve through old microfilm to find a few of these references, and I’ll probably put up another post with some of my favorite finds. (Here’s the first.)

Anyway, enjoy some of the snippets I found from the past 200 years.

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  1. Thanks for a great article. Happy to learn (more) about our neighborhood’s namesake and history.

  2. roodonfood says:

    Kudos for doing the extra research. Cheers.

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