Highlight reel: two weeks on the west coast

Portland to Vancouver via Olympics

A scenic route between extended stays.

No doubt you have been distressed by my recent dearth of posts. I did publish a companion piece to my Curbed NY article on Greenwood Heights, but that was it.

I apologize. I was too busy driving.

Ah yes, that accursed time-wasting activity. But a road trip is tough without doing so, particularly when you want to sleep under moss-covered, century-old trees in the Olympic National Forest.

But fear not, I still think cars in cities are stupid.

Even in LA. Perhaps especially in LA.

I stayed with my friend Tim in Malibu. When he took his car to work, my closest option for food was a crappy slice of pizza half a mile away, to which I’d have to walk on a sidewalk far too narrow for even a slender lad like myself while cars whizzed by across four lanes of the PCH. Crossing the street was quite a trip, especially when I would have to stand in the center lane (aka the “suicide zone”).

Portland and Seattle were ok for cars, although the bus system worked just fine. And let’s just say I really wanted to add my tally to the Hawthorne Bridge bike counter, although a run past it sufficed.

But driving in Vancouver was the worst: traffic jams galore, poorly timed lights, complete priority to pedestrians and cyclists. It sucked. It was awesome.

I challenged myself to pick one photo from each day to sum up the trip. Click on the nighttime photo with the seagulls to begin the slideshow.

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