Don’t forget: the Public Advocate runoff is tomorrow

As our federal government likely shuts its doors tomorrow, polling places in New York City will be open for the Democratic runoff (and de facto general election) for Public Advocate. It’s between Council Member Letitia “Tish” James and State Senator Daniel Squadron.

In the September 10 primary, Ms. James received 36.1% of the 530,000 votes cast, while Mr. Squadron received 33.6%. This triggered the runoff as no candidate crossed the 40% threshold.

I previously endorsed Ms. James for the position, writing the following:

Ms. James has been a strong supporter of [Citi Bike] and of livable streets in general. For instance, she was the only candidate to show up at the early-August rally at City Hall (which I also attended). If we’re lucky enough to have a transit-oriented mayor, Ms. James will complete a great one-two combination.

She’s also taken tenacious stands in defense of the bullied on other difficult issues: stop-and-frisk; the Forest City Ratner development at Atlantic Yards; affordable housing.

The Public Advocate needs the courage to embrace politically unpopular battles on behalf of Joe New Yorker. I have no doubts that Ms. James is up to the task.

Do I like that our government is spending $13 million on an election that could have been already decided with an instant-runoff system? No, not at all. But in the meantime, there’s a decision to be made. I hope that if you’re eligible to cast a ballot, you will.

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