Photos of Brooklyn at sunset

Have you been enjoying the light the last few days? It’s been beautiful – and no more so than at sunset, when a warm orange glow bathes the streetscape.

On Saturday, I ascended to my roof to capture this image of the “belfry” of St. John’s Episcopal Church across the street. There are trees in front of it at street level, and I was unsure whether I’d have a clear shot.

Brooklyn sunset - 01

I was somehow unaware that I have great views of Manhattan. So while the hatch up to my roof won’t allow a grill to fit, I’m sure I can get a six pack and a few folding chairs for a small gathering.

As a follow-up, last night, I ran through Prospect Park with my iPhone. I usually jauntĀ au naturel, but sometimes you need a carrot to get you out the door. The ability to take pictures served that purpose.

Enjoy these photos – and keep an eye out starting around 6:15 over the next few sunny days.

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2 Responses to Photos of Brooklyn at sunset

  1. H. Nemzer says:

    You are a very talented photographer, seeing and capturing scenes for us. Thank you.

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