Remember to vote today!

It’s Election Day! Get out there and cast your vote for the same people you did in the primaries (I hope): Bill de Blasio for Mayor, Letitia “Tish” James for Public Advocate, Scott Stringer for Comptroller, and Ken Thompson for Brooklyn District Attorney.

This last one is the most crucial. Joe Hynes is an insult to the office, and we must slam the door on him with such force that he won’t even need to book a plane ticket to Florida.

There are six initiatives on the obverse side of the ballot. I’m most familiar with the first: a constitutional amendment opening the gates to more casinos in our state. As someone who enjoys a trip to the blackjack table every so often, I was initially in favor, but now I urge you to vote NO on this. The Times lays out a list of reasons this would be a bad choice.

Here’s how I’ll vote on the others: 2) Yes; 3) Yes*; 4) Yes; 5) No; 6) Yes

*originally I wrote I’d vote “No”, but I had misread the proposal.

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