Speed posting: this was one hell of a week

One of many finds from a trip through microfilm. (Post, September 9, 2011)

One of many finds from a trip through microfilm. (Post, September 9, 2011)

It’s been a post-free week so far, much to my lament. Not for a lack of material, though. I’ve been sitting on a piece responding to last Sunday’s NYT Op-Ed on cyclists. And I’ve had several other ideas, including telling you (with illustrations!) about how I almost died on Tuesday night because some driver used a bike lane to pass another driver who was passing a double-parked UPS truck on a blind curve.

It’s just a matter of finding time to pound it out. Didn’t happen this week.

In the meantime, I’ve become so unnerved by self-entitledwhinyfact-free garbage that gets published in an attempt to draw eyeballs to reach some ad quota that I’ve become disheartened. And I’ve decided to fight fire with fire.

Speed round!

On Daniel Duane’s insistence that cyclists “obey the letter of the law in every traffic exchange everywhere”

Excerpts from my unpublished post, Drivers will not suddenly respect cyclists if we follow the rules:

Sitting behind the wheel is like putting on the One True Ring. It gives you the right to get where you want to go as quickly as possible. That cyclist trying to get to his job is a nuisance. So you honk at him because it’s his job to bow down to you, mighty Driver. And maybe you throw in a fatass for the amusement of your passengers.

We as cyclists are out among thousands of drivers who couldn’t give two shits about us – and some who appear interested in actually doing us harm [see below]. Why wouldn’t we limit the amount of time we’re spending with maniacs? Drivers won’t respond to us “doing the right thing” – they’ll only respond if they know there’s likely to be a penalty for their aggressive behavior.

On the smug WSJ piece lambasting runners

The basic tenet of running is that it doesn’t matter how fast other people are going – only how you’re doing. This mindset extends to life. Who cares if someone else gets up at 4 am just to cover his nipples with bandages and put on clothing visible from space, so long as it doesn’t have an effect on your life?

Apparently, these people do:

WSJ runner whiner comments

Ah, the comments section, home of the person who apparently made it through med school but can’t put together a coherent thought.


While Ray Kelly is preening for Playboy, his force is telling the citizenry to avoid walking at night without a flashlight. Because we all know that when someone gets raped, it’s the victim’s fault.

Want to try that other photo shoot, buddy? (Daily News)

Want to try that other photo shoot, buddy? (Daily News)

On Manhattan DA Cy Vance declining to prosecute the taxi driver who maimed Sian Green

I’ll leave legal analysis of the decision to the experts, but this is not about “getting justice” for Sian Green. No amount of jail time for this reckless driver, Mohammad Faysal Himon, will ever bring back Ms. Green’s leg. It’s about ensuring drivers know that if they pull shit like this – intentionally speeding up to ram a cyclist, for example – they’ll face serious repercussions. As Bike Snob says, “you can surrender now and lease yourself a Hyundai, because the cars have won.”

Maybe juries do have a pro-driver bent. That’s no reason to decline to test out the laws that were written for this exact type of situation.

And pouring salt in the wound is Fernando Mateo, chief of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, calling the incident a “tragic accident” (because the taxi just accelerated on its own) and crowing about Himon’s innocence.

As I learned when I was ten years old (thanks to the OJ trial), innocent is not the same as not guilty. We might never know if that’s the case here, though, because Mr. Vance himself is serving as the jury.

On how I almost died Tuesday night

I was biking on Plaza Street East to get to the Brooklyn Public Library to go through microfilm. And here was the situation I encountered, after which I thanked my stars:

Plaza Street near-incident

I’ve been using GIMP a lot lately.

Really, purple-car guy. Your episode of Duck Dynasty can wait.

This Duane Reade ad from 1985? Not so much.

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