Running Brooklyn: getting back in the game

I really hate running.

Tee hee. Gotcha! I love running, of course. But given that we’re only three weeks removed from the New York City Marathon, I’m still using that event as an excuse to treat my body like crap. For example, I can’t remember the last time my breakfast was something other than egg + meat + cheese on a bagel. And just last night my bodega sold me 12 cans of Gosling’s Ginger Beer for 99 cents a can.

At prices like that, every evening can be Dark and Stormy. (OK, you lush.)

Whether I drink or not, December 16 will mark the beginning of my training regimen for next April’s Boston Marathon, slated to be my third 26.2-miler. As much as I’d like to go from zero to sixty and be a bum in between, you don’t just “start training” – you need to have built a base over the preceding weeks, or else effectively guarantee an injury.

Saturday, my slackerdom had reached a nadir. No excuses, play like a champion, blah blah blah. I used my phone-cum-camera as a carrot to get me out the door.

This time, however, I invoked a rule I had long thought would make for an interesting study: I’d take a photograph when I hit exactly 1.00 miles, 2.00 miles, and so on. As an added challenge, I couldn’t game the system by, say, running circles in a park to get that killer shot at the mile-mark.

Anyway, here’s the map of my route. I was quite pleased with the improved Erie Basin Park, although the completion of the Brooklyn Greenway (at least as a separated bike/ped facility) might face some challenges in the industrial parts of Red Hook.

Running Brooklyn Red Hook November 23, 2013

Below are the photos I took, which you can also view on my Instagram feed. I tagged them with #runningbrooklyn; feel free to commandeer that hashtag for your own use!

Oh yeah, I took a bonus video of a child learning to ride a bike if you are so inclined.

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