December 3: Neighborhood Forum on Street Safety

The following comes from Amy Cohen, who lost her son, Sammy, on Prospect Park West in October. I can’t tell you how much I admire her courage – and that of her husband and daughter – in the wake of such an awful tragedy.

Neighborhood Forum on Street SafetyI hope you will join us for the upcoming December 3rd Neighborhood Forum on Street Safety convened by the Park Slope Street Safety Partnership, a group of community organizations working together with local elected officials. Momentum is building for change and we need your help. A large turnout will send the message that we demand safer streets.

Every 33 hours, a New Yorker is killed by an automobile. As you may know, sixteen other children in addition to Sammy have been killed in NYC so far this year, including two others in October.

Thank you all for your support during this incredibly difficult and painful time. No one else should have to endure this crushing pain. I am convinced that together we can make our streets safer so that others do not have to suffer the same fate as Sammy, our family, or the other 16 children who were killed so far this year:

Renee Thompson, 16
Samuel Cohen Eckstein, 12
Alison Liao, 3
Lucian Merryweather, 9
Kiko Shao, 5
Luis Bravo, 18
Tenzin Drudak, 16
Olvin Yhar Figueroa, 3
Puran Thapa, 7
Sara Kishik, 15
Amar Diarrassouba, 6
Denim McLean, 2
Zuleimi Torres, 16
Ariel Russo, 4
Kyrillos Gendy, 5
Marvin Ramirez, 18
Jaied Figueroa, 2

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