An analysis of my Citi Bike data from the first six months

A few months ago, I wrote about the six situations in which I use Citi Bike. I’ve been tracking my use religiously since I started (member #343 – what up!) and I’ve taken some time to analyze the data.

Is there something I missed? Something else you’d like to see? Let me know.

If you’re really interested, you can visit my RunKeeper page, where I house my stats. Actually, you could probably easily stalk me that way since many of the rides are posted in real time.


November was my second-biggest month so far, trailing June. I did a lot of riding in June because as an early adopter I felt some responsibility to get the system in people’s consciousness. That faded as the program got really popular really quickly.

May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
Rides 1 42 27 26 15 18 32
Cumulative 1 43 70 96 111 129 161

I started keeping tabs on the reasons in late September. Here’s why I chose to use Citi Bike for the 50 rides I took in October and November. (“Supplement to subway” means I refigured my subway route to take Citi Bike into account, or tacked it on to the end of a ride. For example, instead of switching to the 4/5/6 at Union Square to get to Murray Hill, I often stay on the B/Q to 34th Street-Herald Square and bike the rest.)

23 trips not on the subway x $2.50 = I saved $57.50.

Citi Bike rides November 2013 reasons


225 miles so far this year, through November 30.

May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
Mileage 2 59 34 30 23 33 43
Cumulative 2 62 95 125 149 181 225

Of my 161 trips, 87 were between 0.50 and 1.49 miles.

Citi Bike rides November 2013 distance

Min: 0.29 miles
Max: 6.01 miles
Median: 1.19 miles
Mean: 1.39 miles
Stdev: 0.85 miles


May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
Time 0:14 6:55 3:41 3:40 2:30 3:54 5:31
Cumulative 0:14 7:09 10:50 14:31 17:01 20:55 26:27

Hard to believe I’ve spent the equivalent of an entire day of my life astride one of the blue beasts. As you might expect, most of the rides are 10 minutes or less.

Citi Bike rides November 2013 duration

Min: 1m 40s
Max: 48m 00s (rack was full)
Median: 8m 18s
Mean: 9m 52s
Stdev: 6m 17s
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