Ample Hills Creamery reveals new Brooklyn-themed flavors

Ample Hills logoIn announcing its expansion to Gowanus, Ample Hills Creamery hinted it would create a special flavor in honor of the toxic waterway. Speculation as to its contents dominated Twitter and local blogs.

Today, co-owner Brian Smith took his promise several steps further, unveiling a slate of nine new offerings rooted in Brooklyn history.

The special scoops are as follows:

Brighton Beach Blast

You won’t feel guilty with this tasty option! Our secret sugar beet vodka blend will have you clamoring for the mother country. Get an extra large and split it with a comrade!

Brookland Ferry Escape

You’ll just love this ragtag mixture of ingredients from all over the east coast! Good luck trying to finish it off, though – just as you’re about to enjoy your victory, this tenacious serving has been known to disappear in a fog.

Bushwick Blitz

Pay homage to the borough’s German past! Choose your base of stout, pilsner, or hefeweizen (seasonal) and dig in. Show us your leiderhosen and your pretzel-crumble topping is FREE!

Coney Island Carnage

Give your taste buds a rezoning! This unique flavor starts out with hints of cotton candy and sea salt, but leaves you with a vanilla aftertaste. A Joe Sitt favorite!

Dyker Heights Deluge

This holiday scoop is truly over the top! We’ll bury your peppermint ice cream in thousands of toppings. People will come from miles around to gawk at your creation!

*Please give 24 hours’ notice for the Dyker Heights Deluge.

Ebbets Field of Cream

You won’t be able to dodge this temptation! Our special mixture of gin and lime sorbet will put you out on a Limb for more. Buy 42 servings and get a FREE one-way ticket to Los Angeles!

Gowanus Sludge

Don’t let your nose fool you! Made from durian with a hint of lavender, you’ll find this addictive combination super fun. WARNING: Ingestion might send you to the hospital – from overconsumption!

Whitman’s Sampler

O ice cream! My ice cream! This fall classic is pack’d with juicy autumnal fruit ripe and red from the orchard. Try it with the sun half an hour high!

The Williamsburg

Pick any flavor, and we’ll give you a single spoonful for the price of a scoop! It’s Brooklyn ice cream at Manhattan prices. The snark is gratis – how’s THAT for irony?

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