This weekend: vote in Participatory Budgeting

Brad Lander 2014 Participatory Budgeting optionsBack in October I wrote about attending a Participatory Budgeting planning meeting, and suggesting a few improvements in Brad Lander’s district. Well, the projects have been hashed out, and the voting is open!

(I’m sad to say my favorite project – a network of bike corrals – didn’t make the cut – but that’s ok. Maybe next year.)

Brooklyn is a hotbed for Participatory Budgeting: 5 of the 10 Council Districts in the program are in our borough. Click below to see interactive maps of the projects vying for a slice of $1 million in each.

District 33, Stephen Levin
District 38, Carlos Menchaca
District 39, Brad Lander
District 44, David Greenfield
District 45, Jumaane D. Williams

From the options on Brad Lander’s ballot, I’ll be voting for the two street-safety options ($300,000 each), the bus signs ($240,000), and the solar firehouse ($145,000).

Voting closes on Sunday, so be sure to carve out some time this weekend to cast your ballot.

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  1. Could you explain how you came to choose those projects? Your interest in street safety explains your interest in those projects… but how did you come to settle on the other two?

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