Prospect Park is a dump today

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the mess The Great GoogaMooga made in our crown jewel the past two years, fear not: our neighbors duplicated the feat.

Prospect Park Memorial Day trash 1

In several of the park’s open plains, Memorial Day partiers failed to clean up after themselves. It’s a classic case of the diffusion of responsibility.

The areas with the biggest garbage problems that I saw – the Long Meadow and the space south of the lake – are generally filled with people on weekends anyway, so it’s unlikely there were leaders who could urge their guests to take their refuse with them.

Prospect Park Memorial Day trash 2

Parks were created, of course, to provide a refuge from the noise and grit of the city. It’s great to see that they’re still being used as a place of relaxation and occasional revelry. With that should come some measure of respect; I don’t think it’s that hard to bring a bag with you to carry out what you discard.

Ultimately, the Park has to pick up the trash – and the tab. Visitors will have to put up with the stink and the eyesore until that’s done.

Prospect Park Memorial Day trash 3

We’ll see what happens with the pop-up picnic in late June. “After drinking and dancing for a good cause,” says one announcement, “the dinner guests will play a part in cleaning up before leaving as if nothing ever happened.” At least this event will have some necks on the line if things don’t go as planned.

And if you do want to go for a run, I highly recommend the recently bechipped trails near Lookout Hill. Untouched by the masses yesterday, they’re always a great place to watch the cares and worries of the city melt away.

Prospect Park Lookout Hill trail

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  1. Stuart Post says:

    I was riding my bike on the roadway on Tuesday morning at around 8:30am, and thought the park looked pretty good. I was expecting a disaster.

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