About Keith

Keith Williams Brooklyn Public LibraryI grew up and went to school in Vermont. I worked in finance for nearly five years before deciding to pursue things I found more interesting. I now manage a nonprofit in Ethiopia, dissect game theory, and train for marathons (#3 will be Boston in April).

My work has appeared in other media, including the New York Times and on television. I write about the city’s changing neighborhood boundaries at Curbed.

About the project

I plan to visit each of the 80 Brooklyn neighborhoods listed by the Department of City Planning, chosen randomly. See my first post for more details.

Since the end of 2012, I’ve worked on the original project sporadically, favoring general-interest writing about Brooklyn and livable streets. Fear not, though: the hat will make a comeback in 2014.

I tweet (@TheWeeklyNabe) and post pictures on Instagram (also @TheWeeklyNabe).

Of note: I’m not a fan of the word “nabe” – or for that matter, most abbrevs – but I needed a catchy name for this blog, and I thought the spelling “neighb” would be even more obnoxious. I’m aware that odds are I’ll eventually come to like it.

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  1. Michael Armstrong says:

    Keith: Just discovered your site and sure do like your perspective on topics i see here, starting with your Curbed essay on evolution of Park Slope identity. I retired from the newspaper business in mid-1990s after 25 years of publishing family-owned community newspaper, the Phoenix, that concentrated on revival of brownstone neighborhoods of Brooklyn and attendant planning, political, quality of life, social, etc issues. Many of our files and mega-thousands of photos are now at Bk College Library Archives.where we are working to organize, categorize in order to eventually open to researchers, students and the public to help give today’s Brooklynites a better perspective on how this region evolved into today’s reality.. Would love to meet you in person and talk about your inspiration and your work. Regards, Mike Armstrong, armmic@earthlink.net

  2. Rager says:

    You forgot to add the neighborhood of “New Utrecht”

  3. Israel Charo says:

    In the late 1950s there was a Mapleton Little League–the fields, which stand today, were at the end of Bay Ridge avenue by the Belt Parkway and next to the water…I cannot find any trace of the Mapleton Little League on the internet–though I did recently notice a picture of a maple leaf on a fence near the ball fields…

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