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How to run the Brooklyn Marathon

This Sunday will be the sixth edition of the Brooklyn Marathon, and I figure it’s a good time to look back on my experience in the 2012 event. Continue reading

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Daily News uncovers possible NYCDOT violations of ADA

According to Gonzo Jones, an attorney specializing in disability law, illiteracy can qualify a person for protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Continue reading

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NYC’s voting schedule leads to disenfranchisement

A precedent set by the consolidation of New York City in 1898 disenfranchised nearly one million New Yorkers in 2014 alone. Continue reading

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How to use the Central & Prospect Park loops

While we wait to see whether the parks will go car-free, let’s address some confusion that now exists. Continue reading

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October 8, 2013: the day New York woke up

What happened that day brought a sea change to the city’s approach to livable streets. Continue reading

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NYT tells Gowanus residents to shut up and enjoy gentrification

“Hey, I couldn’t find any locals who agreed with this assertion, so I’m going to pull in a biased source to tell them why they should!” Continue reading

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Los Angeles to pedestrians: why bother?

I tried to take a run to see the famous Hollywood sign. The Los Angeles infrastructure had other plans. Continue reading

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