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I write about Brooklyn. I create Jeopardy! villains. I like to run. A lot. Check out my full profile.

What I learned at the Department of Buildings

In researching the demolition of the Kentile Floors sign: a long morning in a municipal building, and a few lessons learned. Continue reading

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Prospect Park is a dump today

In several of the park’s open plains, Memorial Day partiers failed to clean up after themselves. Continue reading

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The Vignelli subway map of the future

I had some fun editing the current Vignelli diagram to include the planned future routes of our city. Continue reading

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How much does free private storage cost?

After DOT repaved my block, I calculated the value of the space allocated to free parking – and pictured what else might go there. Continue reading

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Six lessons from running this year’s Boston Marathon

Some thoughts I put together after running the 2014 Boston Marathon. Continue reading

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Spring is here: turning on the parks’ drinking fountains

Last Tuesday, I spent the morning with a few plumbers from the Parks Department. Continue reading

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Please, stop making ‘alternative’ maps of the NYC Subway

Yet another suggested design fails by trying to forge a compromise between two competing elements: geography and network. Continue reading

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