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Why Participatory Budgeting is awesome

Brainstorming ideas for Participatory Budgeting might be the highest form of democracy. Continue reading

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Week thirty-four: Mill Island

Carol from Gorilla Coffee is responsible for my next neighborhood – a very eccentric one, apparently. Continue reading

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A transcontinental Vine trilogy

I love how the Internet makes distance obsolete, and brings together great people for fun, random ideas. About a month ago I started using Vine, the app for creating looped six-second videos. Some of the more brilliant users make stop-motion … Continue reading

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My first Vine: running the Prospect Park loop

I’ve been addicted to social media lately. Unfortunately, instead of concentrating my efforts on one pursuit (say, ahem,┬áThe Weekly Nabe), my time is diffused across four different Twitter handles, two Instagram accounts, and assorted other platforms. I’m so scatterbrained that … Continue reading

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