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A brief history of some “bogus” Brooklyn neighborhood names

Harry Siegel bemoans all of the “new” Brooklyn neighborhood names. How recent are his examples? Not very, for the most part. Continue reading

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Greenwood Heights: a new name rooted in history

Today I’ve got an article in Curbed NY on a topic near and dear to my heart: the shifting neighborhood boundaries in the city. For my first entry into what I hope will be a regular feature called Blurred Lines, … Continue reading

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Thanks, Joy!

This blog would be nothing without the Brooklyn Collection. The staff have been so thoughtful and patient with me over the last fifteen months, helping me find obscure newspaper clippings, teaching me how to read fire-insurance maps, and eventually letting … Continue reading

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Week nine: Sunset Park

Sometimes my selections give me a good laugh. One was when I got Georgetown and Paerdegat back to back in weeks three and four. I had another last night when my friend Jess pulled my ninth nabe at a Cinco … Continue reading

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