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Cypress Hills: it might as well be in Queens

“Here they are saved all expenses of incorporation, roads, and avenues; of entrances, lodges, chapels, and receiving vaults; of office rent, trustees, treasurers, secretaries; and of the perpetual outlays for keepers of the grounds, gardeners, artists, and embellishments.” – Jared … Continue reading

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Sunset Park: once married to industry, now seeking a life of its own

For more than a century, the fortunes of Sunset Park have been tied to industry along the waterfront. In this way, its relationship is similar to that of Wallabout with the Navy Yard: as the commercial Yard boomed to a peak … Continue reading

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From resort nights to white flight: a brief history of Canarsie

Canarsie has long been the butt of jokes, from the archaic term “by way of Canarsie”, meaning in a roundabout manner, to The Three Stooges and The Honeymooners. Its storied history as a resort has been overshadowed by the actions … Continue reading

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Windsor Terrace: a river of cars runs through it

Windsor Terrace is in one of the nicest locations in the borough, wedged between the green oases of Prospect Park and Green-Wood Cemetery. A third obvious (and much less appealing) feature of Windsor Terrace is the Prospect Expressway, which more … Continue reading

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