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A fire-escape sunset at Industry City Distillery

As you might recall, my friend Max is one of the partners of Industry City Distillery. They’re building a vodka-production factory from scratch, and have had quite a bit of success thus far. So when Industry City came out of … Continue reading

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Post-Sandy photos: Eastern Parkway, Broadway Junction, Stuyvesant Heights

This gallery contains 23 photos.

Here’s the last post of this set. There were a few memorable moments here, most of them revolving around marveling with others at the crushed cars. I also got some frozen yogurt at Brooklyn Swirl, which was very good. I … Continue reading

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Post-Sandy photos: Cypress Hills and Highland Park

This gallery contains 33 photos.

Highlight of this segment: gorilla walks across street in front of me, barks: “Gimme the bike!” Recaps of previous trips: Cypress Hills, Highland Park Click here for the full collection of post-Sandy photos.

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Post-Sandy photos: East New York and City Line

This gallery contains 28 photos.

Most of the pictures in East New York were taken on or near Blake Avenue. Highlight of this portion: kids in Halloween costumes trick-or-treating on Liberty Avenue in City Line. Recaps of previous trips: East New York, City Line Click here for … Continue reading

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Post-Sandy photos: Brownsville

This gallery contains 16 photos.

I was disappointed by the lack of Sandy coverage in eastern Brooklyn, so I took matters into my own hands. Granted, these neighborhoods didn’t get hit as hard as, say, Red Hook and Coney Island – but Park Slope got … Continue reading

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Biking the back streets of Bushwick

I’ve been squeezed for time in general lately, so I’ve had to fit my neighborhood visits in when I can. Coupled with the progressively earlier sunsets of autumn, this has sometimes led to artificial deadlines. I visited Bushwick on Saturday … Continue reading

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Red Hook … with a real camera!

My trip to Crown Heights North boiled over my frustration with my iPhone camera, so when I got home, I asked my friend Brooke if I could borrow her Canon. For some reason or another, she said yes. Maybe she … Continue reading

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