Things I like

Here’s where I put things that I find interesting or that have been useful to me. This is just a first stab – I hope to update this page frequently, so check back every once in a while.

Blogs and websites

atreegrowsinbklyn – NYC native (and current Brooklyn resident) Adrienne brings her unique perspective to everyday occurrences that most people would shrug off or completely ignore. Adrienne picked week eight.

The Bowery Boys – Greg and Tom write about all sorts of New York City history, and record a pretty sweet podcast every month or so.

The CuriosCity – all about the curious sights and curious people one finds in a city like ours. I’m sad co-founder Kat Koh moved to California!

Fading Ad Blog – what does that really old sign on the side of a building say? Chances are, Frank Jump knows.

Forgotten New York – since 1999, identifying and exploring the hidden (and, in some cases, very much visible but unnoticed) artifacts of New York’s past.

Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York – while I frequently disagree with his emotional perspective, “Jeremiah” does an excellent job cataloging the city in its pre-yuppification days.

The Listening Project: Brooklyn – using oral history as her tool, documentarian Dempsey Rice weaves the strands of lives from different neighborhoods into the underlying themes connecting the various areas of the borough.

The Noise Beneath the Apple - on busking, independent musicians, and artists in New York, the Bay Area, and elsewhere. I met Heather, one half of the duo behind this project, rather randomly in a restaurant in San Francisco, and we had a great time. They have a book coming out soon. – the ultimate resource for all MTA nerds.

What You Do Not Know Because You Are Not Me! - raised in Sheepshead Bay, now living in Park Slope, Michael writes about his experiences in the city and beyond. He’s also a fellow-member of the Prospect Park Track Club. Michael picked week sixteen.

Frequent resources

The Brooklyn Collection – Brooklyn Public Library’s home for all things Kings. In their blog, Brooklynology, the librarians dig deep into the archives to show us what life was like in our borough long ago. June, one of the librarians, picked week fifteen. Joy, the head of the collection, picked week twenty-five.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online – archives of Brooklyn’s hometown paper from 1841 to 1902.

Brooklyn Visual Heritage – a new central repository for historical photographs from several Brooklyn institutions.

New York Times archives – Brooklyn news with a sometimes less-than-flattering Manhattan angle.

Where you might find me writing a post

The Bagel Market - unbeatable whole-wheat-everything bagels.

Bklyn Larder – cheese! gelato! sandwiches! more cheese! What more could you want? Sister to franny’s.

Gorilla Coffee – Carol, the co-owner, is a prolific Viner, a sweet person, and a big supporter of this blog. Plus, her crew makes a mean maple latte.

Prohibition Bakery – my good friend (and bakery co-founder) Brooke is a frequent contributor to my life experiences. Sometimes I’ll bring my laptop and hang out behind the counter. If you visit, remember: Please Eat Responsibly.

Tea Lounge - I get coffee in the morning, and local craft beer during happy hour (4-8 every day).

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